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Whether you have a classic Olimpia combine harvester or a new model, if you want to maximize the performance of the equipment, you need to replace the connecting rod. Fortunately, the best choice to replace the connecting rod is easy to find. Here are some tips for finding the best choice for your combination. Powder metal, billet, and cast connecting rods are all good choices for connecting rod.
Cast connecting rod
OEM manufacturers usually choose to use cast connecting rods on Olimpia combine harvesters because they are cheaper. There is an obvious seam in the center of these rods, which can handle a load of the stock engine well. However, it is not recommended for very high-power applications and can handle modest increases of up to 450 HP or 6000 rpm. However, this does not mean that OEM owners cannot use it for high horsepower construction.
High-performance engines exert great stress on their connecting rods. Although the standard connecting rod may not break under compression, the performance connecting rod may break during the exhaust stroke. The performance bar is designed to have higher compressive strength and stiffness, which is necessary for high-speed applications. They are also reinforced by increasing tensile strength to prevent fracture.
Powder metal connecting rod
The production of powdered metal connecting rods for Olympia combine harvesters has many advantages. The process starts with high-tech base powder mixed with selected alloy elements. The material is melted and then compacted under high pressure. Next, the newly formed material is sintered to change the structure of the metal. The final forging process is carried out on a 750-ton press.
Unlike traditional steel connecting rods, powder forged connecting rods can withstand high-power applications. Another benefit is cost-effectiveness. Even ordinary racing drivers can buy powdered metal connecting rods at competitive prices. Although this may be new for Olympia combine harvesters, this process has been used in high-performance automotive applications for 20 years.
The process of using PM is simple and fast. The finished product is accurate to within a few grams. It doesn’t need any
Hand finishing. It can even be made of the alloy without flashing. The finished connecting rod is then forged to achieve its full density. This process is very effective because the material will not be contaminated by flash. The aluminum alloy connecting rod is not only light in weight but also easy to operate and maintain.
Billet connecting rod
The billet connecting rod is an excellent substitute for the forged connecting rod of the Olympia combine harvester. A billet is used Hot working process that limits billet size. This produces a guide rod with superior performance. So is the billet. It is stronger than a forged bar, but the initial investment is higher. This process is most suitable for mass production.
Aluminum is a semi-finished material forged into rods. The forging process changes the grain structure and increases. Density and align the grains with the highest stress. This process causes the grains to bend around the connecting rod bearing hole, resulting in “circumferential stress”.
The advanced alloys used to make these rods are more durable than traditional steel or aluminum alloys. Its weight does not exceed 7075-T6, but it is 15% stronger than it. In addition, it provides longer fatigue life. The billet connecting rod of the Olympia combine harvester is manufactured by Bill Miller engineering company. Its unique aluminum alloy improves fatigue strength, which is very important for connecting rods.
Radial engine connecting rod
The radial engine has many moving parts, and connecting rod is no exception. The cylinder is connected to the crankshaft through a connecting rod, causing the piston to rotate. The rod also generates upward and downward pressure, and there is a moment at the midpoint 7C between pins 29 and 30. The instantaneous length of the connecting rod is the largest at the position parallel to the cylinder axis and smaller at other positions, depending on the angle of the crankshaft. The radial engine is designed to use the same type of connecting rod as the piston in the traditional two-stroke internal combustion engine. The connecting rod and piston are the same in design, but their spacing on the engine shaft is about 6 degrees. Therefore, the connecting rods work together to reduce the lateral force on the piston, thereby reducing the frictional resistance.

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